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GPT 2 AI, Robotic arm and python script

GPT2 is the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence algorithm for language processing and text development. The advanced way in which the algorithm processes and learns allows it to form complete essays, which according to a test from Cornell University, is impossible to distinguish from that of university students. Creativity and coherence are latent features of this AI, causing many parts of the world to censor its use and avoid misapplication by the media.


In  Revelations, the artificial intelligence powers a robotic arm that processes cosmological texts from diverse cultures and historical moments around the world. In its attempt to make sense of the gathered information, the AI ends up creating its own cosmological text, which the robotic arm constantly records during the exhibition.
























"The exhibition "View from Nowhere"  fascinates. The artist investigates the mysteries of our solar system and how pundits explain it away. I’m intrigued by Cortés’s entwining of art and science in his Variation 5, a poetic mechanical representation of how our galaxy’s billions of stars are mysteriously joined together. Cortés’s Revelations revolves around a quill pen and an algorithm that sources its emergent text as if derived from a human mind, and a multicultural one at that."


Barbara London, Media Curator on the exhibition The View From Nowhere , where Revelations was first featured.




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