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Bogotá, Colombia 1989

Founder of Atractor Studio.  Ars Electronica's Golden Nica winner 2023. For inquiries please contact Hyphen Hub.


• The view from Nowhere. Nohra Haime Gallery, NY. January 2020

• Fables About Chaos. Los Heroes Monument, Bogotá. March 2018

• Uncertainty Principle. Nohra Haime Gallery, Cartagena de Indias. August 2016

• Natural Order. Valenzuela Klenner Gallery. April 2016

• Transmission. Valenzuela Klenner Gallery. October 2013

• Magnetic Landscapes. Espacio Alterno Gallery. February 2012


•Slip.Stream.Slip, SODA, Manchester June 2022

• The Migrants tour 2021: HEK Basel (Swiss), Theater Chur (Swiss), Centre Robert Doisneau (France) and Feldfunf (Germany) August - October 2021

•Cuántica CCCB, Barcelona  Spain April 2019

•Broken Symmetries, FACT, Liverpool UK November 2018

•Strata MAC, Ciudad de Panamá Panamá October 2018

•Les faits du hasard, at centre 104, Paris France december 2017

• Sluice, International art fair, London England September 2017

•Intervalo, Cigarreras Cultural Center, Alicante Spain July  2017

• Feria del Millón, Contemporary Art Fair, Mentorship program. October 2016

• Odeon, Contemporary Art Fair. October 2016

• Art Salon, Creative Tech Week NYC, April 2016

• Artecámara, Artbo, Contemporary Art Fair, Bogotá. October 2015

• Vide o Art House Madrid, CMA Center for the arts, Madrid España. 2013

• Sin/Fonías. Project Room, Universidad de los Andes. 2011

• La Otra Contemporary Art Fair, Bogotá. 2011



• Hyphen Hub Salon- Art and Science.  presented by Hyphen Hub  NYC.  January 2019

• Visions of the Future III- presented by Hyphen Hub  NYC.  November 2017

• ISEA 2017. Swarm - presented by Hyphen Hub  Manizales.  2017

• Is This for Everyone Design for the common good. MoMA Museum of Modern Art. NYC. Noviembre 2015

• A ras de tierra, C T-SWaM concert series. Fridman Gallery. NYC. Noviembre 2015

• Origin. Mutek Festival. Bogotá. September 2015.- with David Vélez-

• Origin. Radar Festival. Bogotá. October 2015.

• Electromagnetic Variations. Festival of the image (Manizales, Col) April 2015 -with David Vélez-



• Golden Nica, Ars Electronica Prix, Austria 2023

• Garage Digital, Situated words grant program, Russia 2021. 

• Leaky Archive, Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum residency, Germany 2020

• Present Future, Art & Technology Star Award, Videogame of the year, China 2019.

• Collide International. ARTS at CERN   Honorary Mention. Switzerland 2018

• VII award for the arts. Universidad de los Andes, Colombia 2013.

 • PRAC award, Ministry of Culture, Colombia 2014

• Sonema IV residency award, Colombia 2014.



Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum- Artist in Residence Abril - 2022

• arts at CERN - Artist in Residence Abril - 2019

• Cooperartes Bogotá - January- October, 2014

• Hyphen Hub NYC – October-November, 2015




• Sound for Ejercicios Espirituales – winner project of the Luis Caballero Award, for Jose Alejandro Restrepo, 2013

• Video director and production for “Hacia un Lugar Común”- winner project of the Luis Caballero Award, for Juan Mejia – 2015

• Editor and sound for Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Pioneer of video art in Colombia. 2011 - ongoing.



• Hybrid. MoMA Museum of Modern Art. NYC. November 2015

• Non-Linear Narratives. Invited professor. Undergraduate course of Universidad de los Andes. July- December 2016.

• Electromagnetic Workshop. Odeon Contemporary Space, Bogotá. August 2016.

• SATÉLITE sound art workshops. Valenzuela Klenner Gallery. Bogotá 2014




• Intersections, Clave Magazine, Universidad de los Andes, ISSN 2011-401X.

• Mundos Circundantes. Paper and conference presented at CAC 6. Guanajuato, México 2018




• Co-founder and curator RADAR Video art festival. Cine Tonalá- Valenzuela Klener Gallery- MAC Museum of contemporary art. Bogotá,2015

• Co- founder and curator SATÉLITE sound art festival. Valenzuela Klenner Gallery. Bogotá 2014



• ArteriaNewspaper!juan-cortes-en-el-moma-9657/cbwm

• Rolling Stone Magazine

• Anthony Haden Guest The Daily Beast oses.html

•Vice Magazine os-culpables-de-que-radar-est-en-la-capital

• Sonic field Magazine ipe-rodriguez-2/

• Metrónomo Magazine

• Exclama Magazine

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