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Possible Universes


(Genetic algorithms, processing , paper and color pencils)

Study of Possible Universes is an algorithmic work that analyzes scientific representations of the Universe. After collecting the data on scientific representations, a genetic algorithm - see video - creates possible iterations that may occur in the attempt to reconstruct the scientific representation. Far from a precise physical representation, the work is a collection of errors and reflects on the scientific debate of the ideal way to present and represent the Universe.



































The algorithm takes information of the color, shape and essential characteristics of the scientific image. The project is inspired by the algorithms of Jared Tarbell and the study of genetic algorithms by Daniel Shiffman. The implementation of the algorithm and the analysis of the image was developed entirely by me.

Beyond the implications of illustrating and representing the concept of the Universe, this study aims at the diffuse is limited to the apparent rigidity of scientific constructions and creations of the humanities, as well as what it entails to define the limits of the reality, and the edges of cosmogony from contemporary science.

If the Universe, understood from the thought of Habermas, understands everything that is knowable, then most of the concepts and discoveries of quantum physics - like dark matter - sell to claim that there is also reality in what can not be understood and that the representation escapes.


































Following Bruno Latour, "It is useless to speak of an exact representation of the universe. "Exact representation is a literary effect produced by scientific manuals."


The instruments we use transform our vision and define our concept of reality. It is useless to think about representation without a representation. In the end, it is not the Universe or reality that we study, but a cascade of repre- sentations that inscribe each other, are summarized, analyzed and combined.












Captura de pantalla 2019-03-13 a la(s) 1
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