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Natural Order


(Drawings, Sculptures and p)

Natural Order explores the impossibility, uncertainty and mystery with which nature presents itself when we try to understand it, predict it and control it. Nature appears as an uncontrollable force of creation and destruction, an element whose scale and scale are incommensurable and incomprehensible. The devastating and dramatic force of phenomena such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods point to a nature that expands and accommodates without noticing at all the presence of the observe








The Power of  Natural Order

by Andres Burbano

The sample Natural Order of Juan Cortés and David Vélez that takes place in the gallery Valenzuela and Klenner stands out for its depth, for the risks it assumes and for the power contained and dosed but notorious that crosses the three floors of the gallery. Perhaps the agglutinating aspect that is in the genesis of the project is the creative collaboration between Cortés and Vélez; Through the exhibition it is possible to follow the thread of the dialogue between a visual artist and a sound artist who are in three-dimensional space.



























The attention given to the extreme manifestations of the natural order, to the natural disorder and order of the chaos seems to fit in an overwhelming way with the reality of a city that in very short periods of time goes from being invaded by ashes from forest fires to being full of pieces of hail and flooded. In the middle of all this lies the fragility and strength of life: in the city its human and animal inhabitants, and in the sample the moths in a small ecosystem encapsulated in glass that operates as a prologue to the exhibition, declaring the fragility of the two worlds, the world of the visitor and the world of insects observed and heard.






From the beginning what struck me most about the show was the absence of color, of chromatic effects, therefore the exploration of black and white, of the penumbra. The sample scrutinizes the visual experience based more on the rods than on the cones of the retina, which immediately produces a gain in attention to the sound environment and to the temporal cycles, which are largely the themes of the exhibition.


















The work of these two young artists escapes the general trend in their generations of proposing ready-made consumer goods under the arm, instead proposing heavy, large-scale works, complex installation, long cycles, metal panels that They weigh hundreds of kilos covered with organic black material and they operate as sonorous speakers.

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