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This article is part of the project Fusarium Oxysporum

by Santiago Arcila, Juan Cortes and Diego Moreno

Images, maps and sounds by Juan Cortes, Juan Jose Lopez, Alejandro Villegas and Nestor Pena

A Sci-fi investigation on Fusarium Oxysporum carried out by the ICR (International Center for Cytotoxicity) 

in collaboration with the Laboratory of Advanced Life Science (LALS), the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution from the United States Office of Science.

According to the first expert´s evaluation about the evolutionary and behavioral history of the kingdom Fungi --carried out by the ICC (International Center for Cytotoxicity) in collaboration with the LALS (Laboratory of Advanced Life Science) and the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution from the United States Office of Science--, Fusarium Oxysporum SP4 requires a special treatment since its multidimensional nature pushes all traditional explanations in every scientific field to the limit. Fusarium Oxysporum SP4 is an entity whose vitality gets spilled in micro and macro scales over the physio-physic, geopolitical, techno-economical strata all over the nations. The Committee for Risk of Contagious has determined the necessity of a bio-philosophical approach to the plastic and immune essence of Fusarium´s ecology. These characteristics make this creature an entity capable to colonize, parasite, find a host and reproduce itself, through the multiple channels that constitute an ecosystem, in a rhizomatic fashion, such as, plant physiology, soil composition, the affective dispositions of certain groups regarding money, moral sanitation, etc.


These diverse and adaptable fungi have been found in soilspolymorphic DNA fingerprints and from the number and geographic distribution of vegetative compatibility groups.[18]

Up to this date, the fungus has been defined as a clot whose vitality irradiates some sort of metabolic field that incorporates all kind of nutrients, projecting with its movements an effectual force of heterogeneous consequences. According to the Group of Delegates in Semiotic, Chemistry and Politics, the clot must be treated as an organism able to engage in semio-parasitic relationships, not only with recurrent ecological entities, but also with representatives of certain psycho-social spheres. Furthermore, the delegates highlight their concern about Fusarium´s capacity to flow throughout streams of money, fruits and drugs; all of them serve as the perfect breeding ground for the growth and blossom of this primitive intelligence that moves employing the analysis of its probabilities of propagation in the different layers of the biomass that it penetrates.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-05 a la(s) 1

Visualization of the fungal sphere of vital intensity of Fusarium from its biological existence and its auratic unfolding in the human mental and technoinformatic field.


Professor Sanders of the research group in Chemical-political Semiotics affirms that the political and illegal use of the fungus activates its high pathogenic potential of cellular composition: just like the “agent orange” that was unleashed in Vietnam under a warlike logic and whose objective was to attack the atmospheric environment –specifically the ground– causing side effects on the populations life and their offspring, there are hypotheses that affirm that Fusarium has been disposed in different territories of Colombia and Latin America with the main purpose of carrying out tests to eradicate drug crops beyond any biosafety control system. This process has some dire consequences in community life: sores, wounds, infertility, decreased vital power, are some of the contagious effects of this filamentous organism, whose sensory-motor organs affect both the roots of the soils and the mental programs of the elitist rationality of governments.


Plasmatic distribution of the geographical routes of the Fusarium in the physical-chemical, plant, animal, economic and linguistic strata throughout the country.


Fusarium has mutated, there is no way to control it, its cognitive activity is closer to that found in higher nervous systems or to that modeled by open artificial intelligence algorithms. This enables its geographical displacements to modify in an unpredictable and drastically way the territorial balance: at the same time the stem of the plants is penetrated, sneaking into the nucleus of the trunks of the trees that are turned into a growth and revitalization niche. The fungus infiltrates itself through the fissures of the markets, the exchange of supplies and the technological system of commerce, in such a way that it takes advantage of the anthropic factor to accelerate its expansion trips throughout the country, in what a Darwinist would call a typical behavior in the struggle for life.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-04 a la(s) 7

Visualization of the Fusarium database that radiate its parasitic force in the form of an infestation projected onto the ecosystem network.


The study contemplates the interaction of variables such as: the adaptive capacity of the fungus, its multimodal violence –drug trafficking, economic inequality, agrarian policies, food dominance, regional biopolitics–, the inter-species interactions and the historical distribution factor -that serves elements such as the arrival of the species in Colombia-, its relationship with poorly transparent economic agendas, and the question of immunity protocols at the border level that protect the entry of potentially risky agents. The analysis of these variables has allowed the emergence of different hypotheses. One of the most relevant hypothesis involves the symbiosis –many times imagined, but rarely supported– between the fungus and the psychic-collective system of interests -that hold the power over the legal and economic field and covers the cultural phenomenon of cocaine production-, the banana monoculture, land dispossession and job insecurity. This questions concerning the disciplinary and ontological limits between organic and inorganic, mechanical and vital, artificial and natural, open a new scenario where Fusarium appears as one of the hybrid agents that have managed to use morality and human delirium as means to thrive and survive.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-03 a la(s) 1

Electromagnetic capture of the dendritic projection of fungus to the sphere of biobytes referring to monocultures and drug trafficking.


The International Center for Cytotoxicity has recruited a team of computational biologists and ethologists specialized in the behavior of bio-bytes, for a project dedicated to establishing the life-lines of Fusarium. This lines go from the cellular heart of the entity (bioinformatics) to its inorganic dramas and articulations in the digital infosphere of collective consciousness: the dimensions of the fungus far exceed its microscope geometry, it extends itself under a branched and virtual image that takes it to spatial fields that require a data topology capable of capturing and tracking the threads that connect the transductions of physico-chemical materials, turning them into mental forces and crystallizations of bytes in cyberspace. The spheres, the spiral structures and the map do nothing but insist that the true body of Fusarium is a field where we daily enter and leave: the borders of this strange fungi-entity demand, as stated by the Laboratory of Advanced Life Science, for something like a theory that shed lights on a brand new and rigorous scientific poetic, without gender constraints, of the crucial issues of Colombian and Latin American politics in their mycotic-political facets. An important part of the health of the country's economic, social, emotional and ecological body is played in this field.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-03 a la(s) 1

Electromagnetic capture of the dendritic projection of fungus to the sphere of biobytes referring to illegal political pacts and population control.


From the implementation of nano-film techniques inoculated into the dendritic body of Fusarium, the stochastic movements that the fungus adopts in the face of any eradication attempt have been captured. It seems that the only way to combat it is through isolation at a territorial point thanks to the disconnection of possible routes for its spread. However, this strategy has generated a striking phenomenon that consists in the deployment of the fungus of an effective behavioral repertoire to circumvent isolation: thanks to the unfolding of its inorganic existence, the Fusarium is updated in the desiderative flows anchored to the fight against drug trafficking and in this way it finds new root niches projecting its existence to other points of the national geography. Some have established the bio-metaphysical hypothesis that glyphosate, the Green Agent, the Orange Agent and other products synthesized and packaged in laboratories for the antiterrorist market, share with Fusarium a certain noetic existence on an immaterial reality plane. This would be something like the source of its multiple incarnations: atmospheric counter-terrorism would be linked at its foundation to an ideal structure whose intra-geometric geometry would be eminently Mycotic.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-05 a la(s) 1

Database with open access files for citizens on scientific and journalistic reports, on the evolutionary history of the Fusarium-drug-banana-avarice-slavery symbiosis


According to the GETPP (Group of Experimentation in Theoretical and Psionautical Physics) -with headquarters in New Mexico and the Amazon-, it is probable that part of the particular symbiosis of Fusarium with the technical and mental body of the human species, goes back precisely to sacramental history from the intake of sacred plants. It is known that the consumption of hallucinogens was a true psychotechnology that contributed to the process of anthropogenesis: it was this primordial chemistry of the spirit what would have opened the nerve channels for future mutations in the fungus-human relationship. The hybridization caused between incorporeal materials of the Fungi kingdom and the plasma of the human soul is, according to the GETPP, one of the historical antecedents that allows us to understand the way in which Fusarium is currently transported through the channels of thought and language. Also in a monetary delusion line in the form of an alloy in the commercial occurrences and the projects of politicians anchored, once again, to monoculture and the false crusade against drugs in Latin America

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-05 a la(s) 1

Subatomic and microscopic views of Fusarium onto-morphology. Embryological stages of the fungus in laboratory conditions.


Spherical geometry of the radioactive relationship between elitist pseudo-politics and mycotic reticular intelligence: folding layers of the multidimensional body of Fusarium in Colombia.

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