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El Rio


360 video

As part of Atractor Studio​

Like the Uróboros, the river is both origin and destination. In it past, present and future are intermingled. It's current carries the reflection of a story parallel to ours; our intertwined flows account for moments of calm and turbulence, for symbiotic and parasitic relationships.


In Colombia we call rivers subjects of law because in their flows theaters of life, ecosystems and biological corridors  are created; But we also call them that way to find defense mechanisms and ways of giving a voice to that other, the third actor in our conflicts, immersed in our history and therefore in our violence. The river enables and exerts pressure on the dynamics of biological relationships, connecting territories and dividing them, transporting microorganisms, minerals, seeds, insects, animals, histories and cultures in its currents.

El Río is a project in which Atractor Estudio undertakes the task of searching in technology for the possibility of weaving another model of relationship with a river that narrates itself, and whose path can also be seen as a rear-view mirror that reflects our history.

This is a 360 Video, please set the resolution to 4K and move across the screen with the cursor.

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