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Dark Matter

2018 -2019

(AV live show)

Beyond the implications of illustrating and representing the concept of Dark Matter, this performance points towards the blurred boundaries between the apparent hardness of scientific constructions and the creations of the humanities, as well as the implications of the construction of reality, truth and cosmogony from contemporary science.









If the Universe, understood from the thought of Habermas, would encompass all that is knowable, then the Dark Matter - as well as most concepts and discoveries of quantum physics - would come to claim that there is also a reality in that which can not be understood and which escapes being represented.

According to Bruno Latour, "It is useless to speak of an exact representation of the functioning of the universe. The exact representation is the particular literary effect produced by the scientific manuals ". After preparing, coloring, illuminating, reducing, reforming and correcting the data, the scientist finally projects it to a visible representation. The instruments transform our vision and define reality. However, it is pointless to think about representation without a re-representation. In the end, it is not the Universe that we study, but a cascade of re - representations that inscribe each other, are summarized, analyzed and replaced.





























No, sure, the scientific work does not resemble the myth presented by this photograph of the Institute of Psychology. Even admitting that science is a woman with great wings that gently raises the veil of truth - instead of the usual male violating its secrets - it is hard to believe that the truth comes out naked from his encounters with the wise. It seems rather that researchers like the truth warmly dressed, delicately seen by their own instruments that reveal it.

The Work of the Image. Bruno Latour. Arpa 2016 





















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